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[skool kuh-lab-oh]
SchoolCollabo provides teachers with a central place to: store all class information, events and documents, manage volunteers and interact with students and parents in their class. Teachers are expected to do more with less and most teachers have more than one class to teach. We offer an easy to use interface for multiple class activities and revolutionize the classroom in the same way email revolutionized work communication.

School Districts & Principals


Transparency. Accessibility. Flexibilty.
SchoolCollabo eliminates multiple individual tools (blogs, websites, calendars, document repositories, electronic forms) that schools use to manage their social media presence and the activities in the school from day-to-day. All these different providers, their different logins, their lack of integration cause confusion and frustration for students, parents, and school staff. We blend all these tools into one, easy to use platform.

Parents and Students


Better Central Collaboration
Improved communication is high on most parent's list of how to improve the educational experience. SchoolCollabo provides a central student and parent portal to allow both parties to find out what's happening at school and be "In the know". Our tool provides a safe, closed, platform to help your student succeed, without requiring you or your student to remember 5 different passwords or website addresses for their different teachers. We make it easy for you and your student to be engaged.